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Affiliate Program

Why you should join?

  • Earn more money. We offer some of the most attractive commission rates in the industry.
  • More promotions make affiliates easy. Regular and exclusive product promotions with encouraging publisher incentives.
  • Up-to-date information on new releases and product launches.
  • Great selection of products. There are thousands of sport and outdoor goods on selling in the
  • The leading company in action sports industry. JBM is amazon best seller in kinds of sports & outdoors categories. (e.g. protective gear, bike accessories, yoga )

How to become a JBM Affiliate?

Follow these simple steps to get onboard as our affiliate partner, and start earning:
  1.  Apply to AvantLink, JBM’s affiliate network partner.
  2.  Complete the application for the JBM affiliate program.
  3.  Once approved, post a link on your site.
  4.  Drive traffic from your site to and you will be paid for completed sales via AvantLink.
  5.  Track your clicks and commissions through AvantLink interface.

Q & A :

Q: Does the program have a joining fee?

A: There is no subscription fee involved in joining the JBM Affiliate Program, or participating in other activities in it.

Q: How do I contact the Affiliate support team?

A: You can reach us directly through the portal, by clicking the Contact Us on the bottom of the footer. Please feel free to make us know your details and confusions, the JBM support team will assist you at the earliest.