JBM Boxing Gloves Equipment Punching Gloves Sparring Gear 3 Color Available-Black


  • DURABLE PU & COMPRESSED COTTON Durable polyurethane would be adopted in producing best boxing gloves since PU have the strong ability in protecting punching gloves from destroy. In addition, high quality compressed cotton would be used to fill up the fighting gloves for giving kickboxing players a comfortable using experience.
  • SAFETY & COMFORT The boxing bag gloves with wrist thickness 0.52″ ( 1.33 cm ) could protect boxing players’ wrist perfectly. Moreover, the main body of this boxing equipment is thick, 1.97″ ( 5 cm ), which could make men and women who like punching avoid lots of dangers. Besides, using superior quality thick cottons to make boxing equipment would give boxing trainers a super comfort in every single punch.
  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN & COLOR The good looking sparring gears with fashionable design are available in 3 colors. And different colors have different weight for fitting most boxing players. Red gloves and blue gloves weigh 8 oz ( 226 g ) and 10 oz ( 283 g ) relatively while black boxing gloves weigh 12 oz ( 340 g ).
  • REGULATION DIMENSION Most popular size 11.82″ * 4.73″ ( 30 * 12 cm ) fits most players’ hands. Additionally, the suitable size of punching equipment makes it become super portable and handy. In other words, the boxing bag gloves can be easy to carry and boxing lovers can take it to any training place.
  • PACKAGE 2 single glove in a pack.


JBM Powerful Boxing Equipment / Boxing Sparring Gloves

Premium Quality Martials
Excellent PU (polyurethane) would be used in boxing sparring gloves. Polyurethane is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links which performed superior physical characters in a wide range.

Safe and Comfortable
Thickness of wrist part: 0.52″ ( 1.33 cm ), thickness of main body of boxing sparring gloves: 1.97″ ( 5 cm ), guarantee boxing gloves players training under a safe and comfortable circumstance.

Suitable for Multi Activities:
Muay Thai
Jeet Kune Do

PU & Compressed cotton

Red: 8 oz ( 226 g )
Blue: 10 oz ( 283 g )
Black: 12 oz ( 340 g )

Dimension: 11.82″ * 4.73″ ( 30 * 12 cm )

ONE YEAR Warranty Guaranteed.

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Black, Blue, Red


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