JBM Compression Socks for Men & Women 20 mmHg 5 Colors Options Graduated Compression Sock -Black


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  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION ( 13.4 – 20.3 MMHG ) HELPS MUSCLE RECOVERY : Provide better Blood Circulation as strongest stocking compression happens at the ankle (100%, 20.3 mmHg), then gradually decreases moving up to the calf (89.7%, 18.2 mmHg) and thigh (65.8%, 13.4 mmHg). These Graduated Compression stockings for flying give you better oxygen circulation which helps reduce lactic acid build up and aids muscle recovery by Increasing Oxygen to Muscles.
  • PREVENTS INJURY DURING SPORTS AND BLOOD CLOTS IN FLIGHT : Those compression socks support for blood circulation force your blood to pump quickly and offer better stocking support than compression tights and hosiery. The cycling support socks help to prevent shin splints, aching muscle and post workout soreness in jogging routine. The crossfit socks are also used as TRAVEL SOCKS to prevent blood clots during flight.
  • SCIENTIFIC COMBINATION OF NYLON AND SPANDEX – BREATHABLE, ELASTIC AND ODOR-FREE : Made of perspiration material consisting of nylon (80%) and spandex (20% ), the compression flight socks are designed to be breathable, elastic and odor-free, keeping you dry and comfort for both daily wear and nurses caring.
  • EASY-TO-GO DESIGN OF REFLECTING PAINTED FOR NIGHT RUNS SECURITY AND R/L LABEL: Reflecting patterns are painted on those compression trouser socks which guarantees safety night running. We have also considered the different physical construction between right feet and left feet, so the cutting and tailoring of right socks are different from those of left ones. A R/L label is also marked clearly on compression hose for convenience.
  • 5 Fun colors, Makes you unique : 5 fun colors provide : WHITE & BLUE, WHITE & RED, BLACK & BLUE, ORANGE and FLUORESCENT GREEN. ( M : ERU 35-38; US : 5.5-9.5 for women, 3-6 for men; L : ERU 38-42 ; US : 9.5-12 for women, 6-10 for men ). Please refer to the size chart for details.


JBM Compression Socks for Women and Men 5 Colors

Graduated Compression, Enhances Blood Circulation and Reduces Injury.
These Compression Socks ( 13.4 – 20.3 mmHg ) reduces muscle fatigue for all types reports, especially for those exercises using your feet for long time period. They enable more oxygen to reach your muscle, which proves to be helpful to muscle recovery, especially great for athletics like CYCLING or JOGGING. Arch Support Maximizes Recovery by Increasing Oxygen to Muscles.

Anti-bacteria, Elastic and Odor- free fiber keeps you dry and comfortable even with longer use.
Each Sock is Designed Specifically for the Right or Left Foot. 
How to wear compression socks?
1.Please make sure there is no moisture in your legs and feet.
2.Put your hand into the stocking and grasp the heel.
3.Pull the stocking around your arm and turn over it from the border then pull the stocking off your arm and the heel looks like semi-circle after the turn-over. 4.Put your foot into the stocking and keep the semi-circle under the heel.
5.Pull up the stocking sectionally and tenderly.
6.Make sure the string of toe is justify and straighten the structure of stocking.
7.Repeat it for another stocking.

Suitable Usage :
Leg Exercises
Weight Lifting

Color :

Size :
M : ERU 35-38; US : 5.5-9.5 for women, 3-6 for men;
L : ERU 38-42 ; US : 9.5-12 for women, 6-10 for men

Warranty :
ONE YEAR Warranty Guaranteed.

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