JBM Rotating Push Up Stands Pink Push up Bars – No Slip, wide Contoured Grips for Max Comfort, Smooth Rotation Eliminates Wrist Strain

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  • Engages more muscles & improve push up workout: Helps to improve push up posture and reduce risks of future injury. Our rotating push up stands prevents your wrists from hyper-extending and allows the arms and shoulders to move naturally. Designed with a rotation button for a Wider Range of Exercises. Rotating action engages more muscles in the arm, biceps, and increases engagement of your core.
  • Smooth rotation to reduce wrist strain: Reduce the risk of injury compared to doing push ups on the floor by preventing your wrists from hyper extending. Our push up stand rotates to help you keep your hands in proper position throughout a pushup and gives you support to greatly diminish strain on your wrists.
  • Stable, non-slip rubber base and durable ABS grip handles: Made of high quality and Eco-friendly rubber which make these push up grips very safe and comfortable to use. They are strong yet lightweight and compact design makes them very easy to transport so you can take them with you to exercise wherever and whenever you want.
  • Strong yet Lightweight, Easy to Transport: These push up equipment bear 400-Pound weight capacity, ideal for all abilities, from a beginner to experienced athlete. Our push up bars is compact, lightweight (0.77lb each) and easy to transport. Perfect to do push up workout at home, at the gym, in a hotel room or anywhere else you desire. Suitable for all abilities, from the beginner to experienced athletes.
  • Package: A pair of push up stands (Pink), Diameter: 7.8 inch, 3.7 inch in height


JBM focus on providing protective equipment for various outdoor activities such as cycling, motorcycle, mountain bike, BMX, camping, hiking, mountain climbing and other sports activities. JBM Rotating Push Up Stands Pink

Enjoy push ups benefits with our push up stands!
Push ups are a great exercise for building muscle, toning your upper body and core and improving your flexibility. Push-up exercise work large muscle groups including the deltoids, triceps and pectorals, which will quickly improve your strength.

Ideal grips to reduce wrist strain: Stable, non-slip rubber base and Comfortable ABS grip handles.
Your wrists are forced to bend backwards as you lower your body to the ground when you perform a push up normally with the palms of your hands on the floor. This can lead to ligament and nerve damage. But things are different when you perform push up with our JBM push up stands which prevents your wrists from possible injury and allows the arms and shoulders to move naturally. The rubber base is non-slip and for the reduction of wrist strain and the grips is made of ABS material ready for long last using.

Strong yet Lightweight, Easy to Transport
Strong and durable push up bars allows for 200lb Max User Weight, yet weights only 0.77lb, which is suitable for both home push up workout and gym push up exercise, even for traveling usage.

Suitable activities:
Military push up
Tricep push ups
One arm pushup
Power push up
Incline push up
Dive bomber push up
Shoulder push ups
Standing push ups
Hand stand push up
Elevated push up


7.8 inch in diameter, 3.7 inch in height

For uk: 20cm in diameter, 9.5 cm in height

ONE YEAR Warranty Guaranteed.

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