Arltb Yoga Blocks Bricks and Strap Set (2 pack) with Metal D-Ring Blue


  • REACH YOUR GOALS FASTER : Blocks and straps are essential tools in yoga, especially in the beginning if you’re not so flexible. The blocks and strap enable you to reach deeper into your positions and complete yoga poses previously. Don’t strain your body into bad positions, keep good form by using the blocks and strap to perform the exercises safely and correctly and work towards your goals.
  • AMAZING BENEFITS OF YOGA BLOCK PLUS STRAP : Yoga block Reduce the distance between the body and the ground thus make your moves and poses easier and more comfortable. The strap provide great assistance for holding the poses longer with comfort, and reduce the risk of pulled muscles and other injuries and increase the flexibility level of your body.
  • BONUS YOGA STRAP : Our aesthetically pleasing cork comes with bonus yoga strap matching the blocks for even better performances. The strap will allow you to find your flexibility, gain strength in between the poses and enhance your stances at the same time. 
  • DURABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY BLOCK : Upon designing this block, we tried to make it extremely durable so as to withstand all of your various poses and stances whether they are demanding or not. Made from durable and resilient EVA, this block has a solid construction without being too heavy. It is perfect to be carried.
  • PACKAGE AND DIMEMNSIONS : 2 Foam Yoga Blocks and 1 Extra Long Yoga Strap. Yoga Block : 9″L x 6″W x4″H; Yoga Strap: 8ft L by 1.5″ inch W
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Stretching support and deeper yoga poses :
Our yoga blocks will be a great aid in your yoga exercise to stretching support and deeper yoga poses. Whether you are a yoga beginner or you just need a little extra help to perfect difficult yoga poses and meditation practices, our yoga blocks will be ensure users of all fitness levels have safe, comfortable workouts.

Ideal yoga block for yogis of all levels :
Yoga blocks help beginners perform postures that would be too difficult, while more advanced practitioners can use them to improve strength, balance, and alignment supported back bends and certain standing and sitting poses. Our yoga block is suitable for all levels, and those blocks are high density, extreme durability, slip-resistance, and it also will offer a soft, secure grip for you.

Offer optimal comfort and the extra lift :
Our cork yoga blocks are designed to offer optimal comfort while helping to improve the overall alignment of your body. If you have trouble executing a certain pose or achieving your favorite stretch, our yoga blocks will provide you with the extra lift and push you need to open your chest, reach your feet, and master your most challenging poses, all on a safe and comfortable platform. And those block are odor-proof and Eco-friendly, so you can have yoga exercise in secure and comfortable environment.

Color :

Size :
Block : 4″ x 6″x 9″
Strap : 8″ x1.5″

Warranty :
ONE YEAR Warranty Guaranteed.

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Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue


2 Yoga Blocks & 1 yoga strap


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